Frequently Asked

Applying for Insurance

Does cargo insurance cover “general commodities”?

Cargo insurers have specific endorsements and exclusions for certain commodities. They will require you to be specific when submitting your application.

I have a truck that’s not running – do I have to insure it?


The law says your insurance company is responsible for every piece of equipment your own, not just operate. Your insurance company will make filings on your behalf to state and federal agencies stating this responsibility.

However, if you have a truck that isn’t running, you can endorse it off the policy when you produce a Bill of Sale or a Lease Agreement termination. Ask your agent for more details.

Can I get approval for additional drivers?

Typically, yes.

Insurance companies will generally require drivers to be at least 25 years old, and under 65.

An exception for drivers over 65 may be available. If a driver is over 65, they must provide a copy of their DOT Long Form Physical and an MVR. Ask your agent for more details.

Drivers, regardless of age, must have at least two years of verifiable experience in equipment similar to what they will be driving.

Can I accept a one-time HAZ-MAT load?


If you typically haul non haz-mat loads, you will almost certainly not be covered to carry a one time load. Consult your agent to understand your exposure if you intend haul hazardous materials.

I have more trailers than trucks – do I have to insure my extra trailers?

Your company is liable for any injury that occurs on the equipment it owns. If someone climbs on, then falls off your spare trailer, it wont matter that it isn’t in use – there will be a liability claim.

If you don’t have liability coverage on that trailer unit, you will be paying that claim out of your own pocket. That could be a financial disaster.

Understanding Your Coverage

Is an unattended truck covered for a loss?

That depends…

An unattended trailer warranty is imposed on certain types of commodities by cargo insurers. Whether you can leave certain commodities unattended will depend on the stipulations in the warranty.

What insurance coverages do I need for my trucking business?

Every trucker and transportation company has different equipment, carries different loads, and travels different routes. This means every company has different insurance coverage needs. Your policy can and should be based upon your company’s specific needs.

Warriner & Associates agents are committed to being the most knowledgeable transportation and risk management advisors in Texas. When you purchase a commercial auto insurance policy, we’ll help you choose exactly the right coverage for your business so you never have to make those important decisions alone.

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