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Quality By Any Measure

Local Ownership
Warriner & Associates decisions are made here and now. Ownership is local to Houston, Texas. Our staff does not compromise its strict focus on transportation issues by diverting personnel and resources to other industries just to comply with a “home office multi-industry business plan.” We’re committed to the Texas transportation and logistics industry.

Industry Participation
Warriner & Associates is active in the Texas Motor Transportation Association, Houston Council of Safety Professionals and the Independent Insurance Agents of Texas. Warriner & Associates continuously seeks opportunities to support and impact commercial transportation, trucking, logistics and insurance issues.

State Of The Art
Warriner & Associates has directed every effort and expense towards integrating the finest technology and communications with old-fashioned hustle. Deploying of our CSR 24/7 portal for our customers is just one example. We will put what you need where you need it!

24-Hour Hotline
Warriner & Associates staff are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By calling our Emergency Hotline (713) 882-8594 you will talk to a staff member, not an answering service. Every effort will be made to bring the full resources of your program to the problem.

Stewardship Meetings
Warriner & Associates goal is education. Meetings are held yearly with our customers in order to research, explain and discuss claims, losses and other transportation and insurance issues.

Specialized Knowledge
Warriner & Associates has knowledge unique to commercial transportation and trucking industry exposures, insurance companies and products. This knowledge is agency wide and is continuously refined by specializing in transportation accounts.

Experienced Personnel
Warriner & Associates personnel have more than 100 years of commercial transportation and trucking insurance experience. Our experience in working with all aspects of trucking and transportation exposures allow us to anticipate your needs and provide solutions before problems arise. Visit The Warriner Team to meet our staff.

Risk Management
Warriner & Associates aggressively analyzes exposure to measure various impacts on your business’s profitabilty and explores engineering solutions and risk transfer options before recommending insurance coverages. Every effort is made to measure and minimize the aggregate cost of your insurance program.

Insurance Company Resources
Warriner & Associates contracts directly with insurance companies who specialize in the commercial trucking, transportation, and logistics markets. The use of middlemen and brokers is restricted. Exclusive or limited marketing arrangements with major insurance companies recognize Warriner & Associates Insurance importance in the trucking industry.

Warriner & Associates is staffed with decision makers. Everyone at Warriner & Associates has a direct financial stake in your account. Employee compensation is tied to each and every customer’s satisfaction. All employees have the authority to take immediate action in responding to your needs.

Warriner & Associates Insurance, Inc.
11111 Wilcrest Green, Suite 101
Houston, Texas 77042
Phone: 713.785.5252   Fax: 713.785.0688

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Warriner & Associates Insurance, Inc.
11111 Wilcrest Green, Suite 101
Houston, Texas 77042
Phone:713.785.5252 Fax:713.785.0688